Travel Resources

Relaxing Vacations not only helps plan your vacation, but provides useful resources to our clients to help their trip go smoothly. Check out the travel resources below:

Why Use a Travel Agent?
Outside of the fact that using a Relaxing Vacations travel agent is completely FREE to you, there are many benefits to using one of our agents for your travel plans. Click here to learn more about why you should use Relaxing Vacations for your next trip: Travel Agent Information

Passport and Visa Information
Relaxing Vacations has partnered with CIBTvisas for all your Passport and Visa needs. To learn more about what documents may be necessary for your trip and how to obtain them, visit this section. Passport and Visa Information

Travel Insurance
Don’t lose your travel investment to an unfortunate life event or bad weather. For a small fee, you can protect your investment and be reimbursed or reschedule your plans for a better time. Relaxing Vacations partner, Allianz Travel Insurance, is a premier provider of travel insurance to protect you against life’s uncertainties. Travel Insurance Information

Things to Consider
What should you consider or do before booking a vacation? What can you bring through security? What should you pack? Sometimes, traveling can be overwhelming. We have provided an in-depth guide of Things to Consider to help your travel plans go off without a hitch.
Things to Consider Before Traveling

Cruise Vacation Tips
Traveling by sea is fun and adventurous but can also be unique to prepare for. Relaxing Vacations has provided a wealth of information to help you set sail without a worry. Click here for your Cruise Vacation Guide.