Kim Ferroni, Senior Travel Agent

Kim Ferroni

Kim Ferroni has been a travel agent for over 3 years. During that time she has booked clients on vacations all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Central America, and the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  She specializes in customizing Independent travel itineraries but enjoys planning all vacations.  Kim believes that vacations should not be cookie cutter but rather personalized to a client’s budget and preferred experience.  She wants the client to have a stress-free experience and is available to assist from the beginning of the planning process all the way through the end of the trip. 

Kim loves traveling with her husband and 4 children.  Their favorite destination is the beautiful island of Anguilla.  When she isn’t planning vacations or running her kids to various activities, Kim enjoys reading and playing flute and piccolo with the Hershey Symphony Orchestra in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

E-mail Kim directly at: or by calling our toll free number below.