Danielle Donahue, Travel Agent

Hello there! I’m Danielle, a wife, mom of two and an avid adventurer! My heart belongs outdoors, whether it’s conquering towering Rocky Mountain peaks or finding serenity on Acadia’s tranquil shores. 
I truly believe that traveling is such a unique and invaluable life experience as it’s the best way to unplug from the pushes and pulls of daily life. It helps us to forget about our problems, frustrations, and fears at home. When we travel, we experience life in different ways. We explore new places, cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ways of living. We could never experience these things at home. 
From the very inception of your travel dreams to the moment you return, I will handle every detail of your vacation. I will create custom itineraries that mirror your travel aspirations and personal style.
Come, join me for a journey that transcends the ordinary. Let my expertise and passion for exploration turn your travel fantasies into  reality. I’ll do all of the work, and you have all the fun!